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About us

Mann auf Treppe mit Umhängetasche aus Leder

My name is Jan-Philip and I am the founder and owner of the JP Journey® brand. I founded the brand in 2015 and, in addition to my full-time job as an employed engineer, initially ran it as a hobby.

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Like you, I was looking for products that better organizeme on my travels and in everyday life.

With iPad, laptop and everything you have with you every day, you quickly reach the limits of "normal bags".

Like in a wardrobe, a big compartment isn't enough for all your clothes. You need subdivisions - for large items like pants and laptops and small items like socks and keys.

I have made it my goal to develop bags and accessories that organize everything and protect everything valuable.

The iPad of course needs its own small compartment and protection against impacts.

Your bank cards now have the function of "contactless payment" - comfortable, but this also carries new dangers to steal your data. For this, there are RFID-safe compartmentsin many of our bags.

So in my everyday life I wrote down these and many other small problems and dangers (as a mindmap fan, of course, in huge mind maps :) and then implemented solutions in the products that you can now find on this page.


When I buy a product,I want to know if it was produced under fair conditions and I can use it accordingly with a clear conscience.

For you, my customers of JP Journey®, I can only ensure this if I get to know the companies personally and accompany productions on site. I was able to do this for the first time in China in 2017 and the supplier of my choice still produces our bags made of "Oxford Polyester" in a top quality.

Many of you also like to buy products "Made in Europe" and so we managed to find a manufacturer in Poland for our leather bags. We were able to get to know him personally and the 25-year history of the family business coupled with the exclusive production of premium leather goods convinces us and you to this day.

True to our slogan "The journey is everything", I am looking forward to everything that the future and the journey there will bring.

I am very happy if you become part of this trip and we develop more great products together.

You want to develop with?

We are currently building an area on this site where we will work with you to develop future products. For example, you can vote for features in our bags and contribute your needs.

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