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If you ever notice an error with your product or if there is a special fault and would like to have it repaired, please contact us directly by mail at

We are happy to make them a fair offer for defects that are specifically indebted.

Please send theproduct number that you will find on the plastic bag or in a card on the bag or alternatively your order number or invoice number.


With our bag you have purchased a quality product that should accompany you on your travels for a long time.

Our processed leathers are durable and durable.

Nevertheless, environmental influences, stress due to daily use as well as small accidents can affect the leather and thus the appearance of the bag.

Light dirt on the bag can be removed with a soft cloth and leather cleaning foam.

For care we recommend the treatment with a leather milk. We are currently developing our own toiletries, which we would like to offer you in the future. Until then, for example, Amazon offers a wide range of good care products, e.g. the"Burgol leather milk".