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The small shoulder bag for men

The little men's bag

Since it doesn't look so good for men, even if the pockets of mobile phones, keys and wallets bulge too much, many men carry a small shoulder bag in everyday life.

The choice is usually made for simple darker colours and a minimalist design.

If it may be a little more chic, men also like to grab the shoulder bag made of leather.

Which shoulder bag for men?

The most famous type is the shoulder bag, which can be worn both over one shoulder and as a cross-body bag, i.e. diagonally. A common name for this type of bag is also "Meesenger Bag".

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When does a man carry a shoulder bag?

Basically, a man can of course carry a bag at any time and for any occasion. The days when bags were just an accessory for women are surely over.
Men carry shoulder bags in many situations

  • Travel and City Trips
  • Walks in city and park
  • Work or University

In the past, Mann stowed his belongings in the woman's pocket.
With the words "Can you please plug this in for a moment" wallet, mobile phone and chewing gum liked to end up with the woman in the bag.

Times have changed, however, and men live here the motto 'Self is the man' and nowadays carry their belongings in their own shoulder bag.

Shoulder bag - portrait or landscape format?

A popular pocket format among men is the   portrait.
Here, mobile phones, cameras and a small umbrella fit in for a walk into the city or even a tablet, passport and flight ticket for the next trip. This is the all-rounder of shoulder bags.